Comenius Project Meeting APE

Poznan, Poland

24 September - 2 October 2011

Hosting students of our school

Karina Buchert
Paulina Galicka
Julia Delmanowicz
Malwina Jzwiak
Karolina Rut
Jlia Trz
Jagoda Walczak
Magosia Zagrocka
Monika Ziba

Poznan Meeting Programme

24 September Saturday
- arrival of the partner from Germany
- welcoming the German group at the railway station

25 September Sunday
- arrival of the partners from Greece and Portugal
- the Greek and Portuguese
at Pozna awica Airport

26 September Monday
9.00 11.00 meeting at school
- welcome by the headmaster of school, students and other school community
- work session: get to know
High School, Pozna, Wielkopolska Region, Poland
- meeting Polish students
Pozna Goats,the Old Town
12.30 - Museum of
History of Pozna: display Poznain the Past
13.15 16.30 -
sightseeing the city centre of Pozna: walking route from the historical Old Market Square (Stary Rynek) to the modern shopping centre the Old Brewery (Stary Browar)
16.30 - dinner at the Sami swoi restaurant (Stary Browar) teachers; students optional

The rest of the day with hosting families

27 September Tuesday
6.45 - school -meeting point
7.00 about 21.00 -
a whole day trip to Toru- the city of Copernicus
Nature Sciences Museum, Old Town, Planetarium, The House of Copernicus, ToruGingerbreads, The Zoo-Botanical Garden)

A note:
farewell with one of the Portuguese teachers

28 September Wednesday
8.45 -work session at school:
presentation of the work done on the topic by students from each school
10.00 - workshop: Rescue dogs, meeting with people working with dogs
11.15 13.15 -workshop: Dogs Masters meeting with dogs trainers, psychologists
14.00 a visit in the horse stable Black Horse
teachers: dinner at a restaurant, students- optional

The rest of the day with the host families

29 September 2011 Thursday
9.00 Museum of Natural Science and Environment (the premises of Old Zoo)
10.30 the Palm House
12.00 the Maltanka Miniature Railway, a
ride from rdka roundabout across the Malta Lake Area ending at the New Zoo
12.30 14.00 - visiting the Zoo (Nowe Zoo) with its elephant house
- shopping centre Galeria Malta, teachers: dinner at a restaurant, students- optional

The rest of the day with the host families

19.30 farewell dinner at the restaurant
Pod Koziokami for teachers (the Old Market Square)

30 September 2011 Friday
8.30 meeting point the Old Market Square, the city centre, next to the Pillar (Prgierz)
visiting Bamber Museum of Pozna(Mostowa 7 street)
10.30 - an old tram route around the city centre From the old times up to now
12.15 - working session at school:
- learning about Slavic culture/influence
14.15 - farewell with the headmaster and school community

Afternoon with the host families
A note:
Departure of the partner from Portugal

1 October 2011 Saturday
- the Botanical Gardens of University of Pozna
walking route around the green areas of Pozna
12.00 a concert in Parish Church, the Old Market Square, the city centre
A note:
- departure of the partner from Germany, farewell at the railway station

2 October 2011 Sunday
- departure of the partner from Greece
farewell at Pozna awica Airport

-a visit
the Lech Stadium in Pozna (planned but to be confirmed)
- recommended: the
National Museum of Pozna, Art Gallery and Sculpture (Monday closed)
the Museum of Musical Instruments (Monday closed) or others
in Pozna

The programme may be modified due to the bad weather conditions, other aspects and
according to the partners wishes.

Prepared by teachers of XI LO
Malwina Kurzawska- Nowak & Aleksandra Marcinia